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Gain your web presence with a professional website design that is optimized for mobile

Webinnov Works will help you gain or enhance your web presence with our professional website design services

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The website design services you need will depend on your website design or redesign goals, as well as your budget. Are you looking for a brand new website or a redesign? What style of website do you want? Who will be adding your content? Do you need a content management system? Will you be selling products online? What features and add-ons do you need? Who is writing your content? What imagery do you need? Does your current website need updating.

Below are the website design services we offer to help you achieve your online goals.

Website Description
Static website

    Our static website design services include:

  • Photoshop Page Layout Design(s)
  • Dreamweaver Template Creation
  • HTML Coding
  • CSS Responsive Layouts
  • Graphics creation and image editing
  • Content addition, formatting and updates
  • Add-on Creation (sliders, galleries, flip books etc.)
  • Embedding Third-party tools (e.g. email captcha, chat-box, site-lock, PayPal)
  • On-page Search Engine Optimization
  • Site Maintenance, Back-ups and Updates
CMS Websites

    Need to regularly update your website's content?

    Our static website design services include:

  • If you need to regularly update your content yourself and/or want to include a blog on your website, you will need a content managed system (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal or Concrete5. Most webiste hosts provide a selection of the most popular CMS software with customizable templates.
  • Webinnov Works can create a custom child theme using one of the themes provided in the CMS package, source a suitable third party theme to customize or customize one that you provide so that it is unique to your business.
  • If you haven't already installed CMS software, check to see if it's included with your web hosting package or that your server meets the system requirements before we begin your the customization. You may need to upgrade, change web host or use a different CMS
  • Our CMS website design services include:

  • Photoshop Page Layout Design(s)
  • CMS Installation and Set-up
  • Responsive Theme Design (WP child theme creation)
  • Theme Customization (back-end theme options)
  • Banner Creation and Image Editing
  • Third-party plug-in Installation and Set-up
  • Content addition, formatting and updates
  • On-page Search Engine Optimization
  • Site Maintenance, Back-ups and Updates
eCommerce Website

    Need to sell products online?

  • If you already have a website but want to start selling products online, check to see if your web host offers eCommerce shopping cart software, such as OpenCart, Magento or osCommerce. Webinnov systems can help with the installation and set-up as well as customize the theme supplied with the eCommerce package to match the rest of your website. Or we can create a brand-new design, add your content to the new installation as well as add all your products for you.
  • If you only plan on selling a few products or your web hosting package does not include eCommerce, we can add buttons to your website with links toPaynow PayPal or other secured online payment service of your choice instead.
  • Our eCommerce web design and develop services include:

  • Photoshop Page Layout Design(s)
  • eCommerce Software Installation and Set-up
  • Payment and Shipping Module Set-up
  • Responsive Template Customization
  • Banner Creation and Image Editing
  • Content addition, formatting and updates (information pages, categories and products)
  • On-page Search Engine Optimization
  • Site Maintenance, Back-ups and Updates

    Need extra features on your website or blog?

  • In addition to website design and CMS customizations, we can create add-ons or source and customize third-party plug-ins that provide more functionality to your website and a more interactive experience for your website visitors.
  • Before hiring us to create and develop your website, let us know which interactive features you need, such as drop down menus, tabbed, collapsible or accordian panels and forms, image sliders, image galleries, flip books, and contact or subscription forms, and we can create and add them for you.
  • We can also convert, optimize and add videos or embed YouTube videos and Google maps into your web pages. We also provide photo editing (cropping, resizing, optimizing). However, we do not provide video creation services, but can recommend companies that specialize in these services.
  • Some of the add-ons we can create for you are:

  • Image Slider creation
  • Photo Gallery creation
  • Flip book creation
  • Video conversion and optimization
  • If you need any of these additional features contact us now to discuss your needs.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization and is a set of procedures carried out during and after the web design and development process that help produce a high page ranking for your website on search engine results page

SEO is essential if you want to increase traffic to your website. Why? Because the majority of internet users (around 90%) use search engines, most visitors (87%) come from the first page of a search, and after the third page a good number of your potential visitors have lost interest.

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What is involved in search engine optimization?

There are tons of critera used to improve search engine optimization. Some critera include SEO research and marketing, web content writing, on page SEO implementation, back linking, offline marketing etc. etc. However, the the critera and best practices are constantly changing and may differ from one search engine to another.

Webinnov works provides clients with basic SEO implementation during the design and devlopment stage of their website and endeavours to use best practices as well as guide clients to continue using best practices once their website is complete.

Since SEO is constantly changing, the below information should be taken as a guide only as things may have changed since it was written.

The main techniques implemented on your website to help improve search engine optimization include ensuring all code is clean and correct, providing navigation between pages, adding appropriate title tags and meta tags to each page, and ensuring that the keywords or key phrases for each page are distributed throughout the content. Search engines index web pages using spidering software that crawl through your web pages in search of these tags as well as your content, looking for your key phrases and keywords.

Use clean code and internal links

It's important to design a website using clean (web standard) code although some third party scripts and constant changes to web standards may result in some non-standard code. There should also be a good amount of editorial content (400-600 words per page) and there should be internal links between pages enabling search engine spiders to crawl through your entire website and index (or catalogue) each page. Too much code compared with the amount of content, or badly written code, may make finding your keywords hard. Missing or broken links will affect the search engines' ability to crawl through your website.

Use relevant keywords but don't keyword stuff

It is also essential to use different key phrases and keywords on each page and to ensure they are relevant to both your website and the specific page content. It has generally been recommended in the past to repeat key phrases and keywords several times on the page, both in the content (title and body text) and in the tags. However, search engines recognize "keyword stuffing" and may penalize your website by reducing its page rank! Not only that, but if your visitors do find your website, your content may not make sense and will inevitably drive them away. It is therefore essential that you don't over do it. If you are writing your own web content, ask a third party to read through it to ensure it makes sense.

Update your content regularly

SEO, and ultimately, page ranking, is also improved if you update your content on a regular basis and re-index your site with all the major search engines. This does not mean you need to rewrite every page, but adding a new page, writing relevant and interesting blog posts, adding new products or event listings on a regular basis, with links to and from other pages, will indicate to search engines crawling your website that it's not dormant. Also, if your visitors know you update your content with new articles or events on a regular basis, they are more likely to return and this, too, helps search engine optimization.


Simply, every device with a browser (i.e. everything) and an internet connection can run a web app. No downloads, no app stores, no Apple vs Android. Just login and start working

If you easily need to reach customers wherever they are and staff wherever they work, then why don’t you use the power of the web to reach them?

Far sighted businesses can grow based around web apps that scale-up with their needs. It’s not just entrepreneurs who leverage the reach and scalability web apps provide.

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Web Security Is Crucial For Every Online Business

New technologies are invented to cut-down labor hours and improve efficiency. Where some tasks require us to invest ample of time and efforts, automating the workload has enabled us to perform effectively with accuracy. But with the digital world, comes a host of drawbacks and risk factors such as cyber threat. Nowadays, online businesses are highly exposed to external threats and thus, implementing security features is as essential as earning profit.

Not only for your business, but a good website security strategy is essential for securing your customers' data. Even a slightest loophole can cause major problems that can directly impact your business and damage its value and reputation. Adding security layers to your website will only help prevent a range of vulnerabilities. Here are few security applications to consider -

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Website Security Scanning Security
Scanning is scrutinizing websites for any security flaws. This also includes SQL injection scanning, Cross Site Scripting (CSS) vulnerabilities, and look for malware that might be hosted in your environment unknowingly. Some security scanners provides a complete report on the security scan and alerts you if there are other things that you need to keep a check on. Adding a security scanning service will only do good for your website and your business.

SSL Certificate
Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is another web security feature, which is a green padlock that you find on right before the domain name in the web address bar. So if you want to ensure whether the website is secure, simply check for this icon because if you are passing your personal details, it's essential to ensure that you are doing through a safe network. If not, you're letting your data loose to hackers who can steal your information and misuse it.

To increase the adoption of this security feature, Google has included SSL security as a parameter to search engine rankings. So if your website is SSL secured, chances of better ranking is higher.

Performance Optimization

Slow load times have been known to negatively impact a variety of business metrics such as on eCommerce websites. Time is money and customers don't use slow sites. A one second delay in page time equals a 7% loss in conversions, 11% fewer page views and 16% decrease in customer satisfaction. Faster is better and your website and web-based applications need to be lightning quick or you will lose customers and revenue.

If you are looking for an expert to help you increase your business' online revenue, number of page views and customer satisfaction, please contact us

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