Fast and reliable VPS hosting for your project.

we offer the main operating systems on the market. You can use the system that best suits your knowledge and the needs of your project.

With the VPS server, you are in control of your virtual machine. Count on dedicated resources designed to facilitate the development and management of your applications.

Dedicated servers with performance and power

Discover the benefits of having a Dedicated Server With:

Up-to 10Gbps link

The fastest link in Zim: up to 10Gbps, with 100TB of transfer included.

Enterprise Hardware

Robust components for continuous work with superior quality.


The new industry standard in data storage, with read speed seven times faster than a Sata SSD.

Hardware RAID

Disk mirroring to keep your system available and operational.

Hot Swap Discs

Your server does not stop working to swap disks.

Storage as Service

Storage with ISCSI/NAS/NFS/CIFS protocols, with SSD or NVME volumes to speed up your server.